Amazing ArtHamptons


I’m delighted to be exhibiting at ArtHamptons, which starts today with the opening night preview and runs until Sunday.This is considered to be the premiere International Contemporary & Modern art event of the summer.


The fair takes place at the majestic Sculpture Fields at Nova’s Ark in Bridgehampton, New York. The venue is a spectacular 50,000 sq ft. modular museum-like structure, the brainchild of the late sculptor, painter and thinker Nova Mihai Popa.

Do stop by if you get the chance!




A Trio of Strands

A slight change of pace with these new book sculptures made from three volumes of Strand Magazine annuals – all from the 1890s. I am keen for these sculptures to be kept as a set and, with this in mind, Larry Cantor of Lawrence Cantor Fine Art, Los Angeles is custom-designing a rotating stand for them.

strand14_main_460_940 strand15_main_460_940 strand13_main_460_940

Not many magazines can count Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill among their former contributors. However, both contributed to the Strand at different times during its history. It was after all, one of the best and most popular magazines of its time.

strand13_detail_460_940 strand14_detail_460_940 strand15_detail_460_940

The Strand was published with the images in black and white, so I’ve added colour to give the lovely, quirky characters a little more depth.