Flitting and Fluttering


A warm summer’s day, a kaleidoscope of butterflies and moths gently fluttering amongst the flowers, bees buzzing, birds tweeting. Delicate, beautiful, ephemeral creatures, delighting us all during their short lives.


This book incorporates two volumes of the Handbook To The Order Lepidoptera series. The colours of the moths and butterflies are rich and bright, colour has been added only to the plants and flowers, which were originally in black and white.




Take A Look At The Brook


The Brook And Its Banks is a charming little book published in 1892, celebrating the diverse beauty of the animal and plant life to be found in and around our country’s brooks.

What could be nicer? A bubbling brook meandering lazily through the English countryside, home to a host of little creatures going about their daily business: feeding, nesting, tending their young – or maybe just basking in the sun and watching their world go by.


The book was in black and white which I didn’t feel was doing it justice so it is now entirely hand-coloured. I decided on this occasion to hollow through the back of this book as I was keen to preserve this rather lovely front cover.

Look carefully amongst the dense foliage and you just might glimpse a shrew, a vole, a colourful butterfly, a sand lizard, a snail or a maybe pair of pied wagtails.