High Testosterone Levels Between the Covers


This book “The Captain – volume 19” published in 1908, contains six monthly issues of the Edwardian magazine by the same name – a compilation that we would call an annual nowadays.


The book is subtitled rather delightfully, “A Magazine For Boys And Old Boys”. Certainly it is crammed full of lads shinning up drainpipes, climbing cliffs to raid gulls’ nests, fist fighting and generally getting into mischief. Simply oozing testosterone from every page!



Packing A Double-Sided Punch



This book – Punch 1853 to 1855 –  is large and particularly thick and was ideal for creating a double-sided assemblage. Adding colour to the black and white cartoons helped to bring the amazing collection of characters to life – hard to believe they’re around a hundred and sixty years old, they just seem so timeless.


As I worked, little humorous scenes started to form within the book, bringing into focus that collection of wonderful facial expressions!