Boy’s Own Annual 1886


I found this Boy’s Own Annual, on a charity bookstall, during a holiday in Shropshire last July. It’s a large, heavy book and was crammed full of interesting images. The dilemma here was not what to put into the piece, but more what to leave out.

The Boys Own Annual 1886 - detail 1

I used inks and watercolours on any of the illustrations that were not already coloured, to add depth and to give a more even appearance to the piece.

The Boys Own Annual 1886 - detail 2

The book gave me the opportunity to create interactions between the characters. This is something I particularly enjoy doing as it feels as though the piece starts to take on a life of its own.

The Boys Own Annual 1886


Butterflies Fluttering Amongst the Flowers

A Handbook to the Order Lepidoptera - sideview

This is my latest 3D book just completed – butterflies fluttering gently around the shrubs and flowers – so reminiscent of the wonderful butterfly summer we’ve just had. The leaves and fronds are so delicate in this small book, that the layers create an effect rather like an intricate coloured lace.
Handbook to the Order Lepidoptera vol 5 - detail
Although the book was published in 1896, the illustrations are so fresh and bright they could have been published only yesterday!

CO Handbook to the Order Lepidoptera vol 5

I’ve got a couple more butterfly books waiting in the wings – if you’ll excuse the pun – and am looking ¬†forward to working on them.