Butterflies Taking Flight

Hot off the press, my new 3D book, just finished! I’ve really enjoyed working with these images as there was some scope to allow the butterflies to ‘take flight’ and escape the confines of the pages.

A Handbook to the Order Lepidoptera - side view

The book was published in 1896 and the soft, slightly muted colours are quite typical of that era. On my hunts for old books suitable for my work, I’ve come across volumes on butterflies with the images entirely in black and white, which to me somehow misses the point.

lepid_detail_high res


German Culture Across The Centuries

Just finished my latest 3D project, a large double-sided book about German culture, dating back to around 1903. It features a number of gorgeous, rich illustrations of medieval fashions, which I have loved working with. Also a large number of very detailed black and white images of ladies with their hair so bouffant that they must surely have had the height of the doors increased!